About Us


Tynay Aviation which is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, prides its self on specializing in the Aircraft Maintenance of Pratt & Whitney PT6A powered Turbine Aircraft. Services provided range from Defect Rectification through to Heavy Maintenance.

Tynay Aviation currently occupies a 1400sqm facility located at Lanseria International Airport which in its self allows adequate space to facilitate the servicing of multiple Aircraft at any given time. With a compliment of 14 hands-on staff, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to provide a high-quality cost effective and efficient service to the turbine aircraft market, evidenced by our continued growth. We have recently added the Avionics, Electrical and Instruments to our capability listing enabling us to provide an even better streamlined, cost saving, in house service to our customers.

We currently maintain a fleet of 50 odd Turbine Aircraft ranging from the King Air 90, 200,300 series to the Beechcraft 1900 Series and not forgetting the Cessna 208 Caravan range.

Tynay’s services provided include:

  • South Africa Civil Aviation approvals for Category A, B, C and W
  1. Beechcraft 90 Series
  2. Beechcraft 200 Series
  3. Beechcraft 300 Series
  4. Beechcraft 1900 Series
  5. Cessna 208 Series
  6. Pratt and Whiney Engines for the relevant Aircraft Types

Zambian Approvals for Category A,B, C and W

  1. Beechcraft 90 Series
  2. Beechcraft 200 Series
  3. Beechcraft 1900D
  4. Pratt and Whitney Series
  • Spares sourcing and procurement from local and foreign approved suppliers.
  • Interior and exterior refurbishment carried out via a highly recommended facility
  • Maintenance planning/tracking carried out on mentioned aircraft types using an Internationally recognised tracking and planning system.
  • Landing gear overhauls or inspections on Beechcraft 90, 200, 300 and 1900 series.
  • Managing complete aircraft refurbishment from start to finish.
  • Complete corrosion and structural inspections.
  • PT6A hot section inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections anywhere in the world
  • Managing complete aircraft refurbishment from start to finish.

Thanks to Tynay’s extensive service offering, we cater to a wide and diverse list of cliental, who in turn support various aid organisations, mining companies, oil companies, local charter companies and international medevac institutions. We pride ourselves on being able to support our Hart Aviation, Litson and Associates and BARS approved clients to the highest standard required.

Our licensed engineers have a total of 60 years’ experience on turbine aircraft, ranging from the ATR42 down to the Cessna Caravan 208B. Most of our experience, however, has been built up over the years on the Beechcraft turbine products, enabling us to support the product in a professional and efficient manner. Supporting the engineering staff is a group of assistants who have a vast knowledge of the products we support.

Additionally, if you want to buy an aircraft, we will do the Pre-Putchase Inspection,logbook and history research and draw up a detailed report, allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether the aircraft is going to make, or cost, you money.